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Six Month Discbound Budget Planner for Black Women (ZW)

Six Month Discbound Budget Planner for Black Women (ZW)

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Adulting Made Easy is more than a planner; it's your partner in achieving financial clarity and security. With its user-friendly design and comprehensive layout, it empowers you to take charge of your financial destiny. From budgeting novices to seasoned savers, our planner is tailored to suit your needs. Embark on a journey towards financial empowerment with our "Adulting Made Easy" budgeting planner.
PERSONAL USE ONLY (cannot be redistributed or resold)

Undated six month planner (11 sections per month)
Spending at a Glance
Monthly Calendar
Monthly Income
Recurring monthly/quarterly/yearly bills
Monthly spending breakdown
Credit Card Payments/Debt Payments
Monthly Savings/Paycheck Savings
Dot paper for stickers


Tabs may be a little rough due to super glue usage. Budget sheets are printed on regular copy paper. First bookmark punch is slanted.

Reusable plastic binder disc (11 discs)
Laminated Vellum front cover (3mil)
PVC binding presentation back cover (5mil)
Cardstock dividers 80lb
20lb. paper (US letter/ A4) 8.5 X 11in.
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