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Childcare Logbook purple (ZW)

Childcare Logbook purple (ZW)

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The childcare logbook ( Zero Waste) serves as a practical tool for communication, information sharing, and documentation of daily activities, concerns, and achievements related to a child's care. It promotes transparency, coordination, and collaboration among caregivers, enhancing the overall quality of childcare and facilitating effective communication with parents. The logbook's versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of individuals involved in childcare, including parents, babysitters, nannies, caregivers, therapists, teachers, and daycare providers.

PERSONAL USE ONLY (cannot be redistributed or resold)


Why is the childcare logbook essential?

  1. Communication: The logbook facilitates effective communication between parents and childcare staff. It provides a centralized place to record and exchange information about the child's day, ensuring that important details are shared consistently.
  2. Concerns and Accomplishments: If there are any concerns, challenges, or noteworthy accomplishments, the logbook provides a space to document and communicate these. It ensures that both positive and challenging moments are shared, allowing for timely discussions and support.
  3. Review and Reflection: By having written logs in the logbook, both parents and childcare staff can review and reflect on the child's experiences. This can help identify patterns, address concerns, celebrate achievements, and make informed decisions about their care and development.


Front cover printing issue (darker color)



Childcare information page

Example page

31 pages of logs (pre punched paper available)







Notes to parents




Accident report/Behavior

Concerns/changes in behavior



Reusable binder rings for mushroom hole paper (11  discs purple)

Laminated front cover (5mil)

PVC binding presentation back cover (5 mil)

20 lb. 92 bright (US letter/ A4) 8.5 X 11in.

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